Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Blog is a Little our of Practice

Since I last wrote, we moved to a whole new town. I have gone back to school and subsequently ended my 10 year stint as a stay-at-home Mom. I have also taken a hiatus from photography...sorta.

Most of my fellow photogs know that winter is a slow time for business anyway, but with moving and everything, I also didn't promote my business. It's hard to explain but something just wasn't jiving. So I took some time and now I am feeling refreshed and ready to start the new season.

What better place to start then with my own family. I took these yesterday. Caide is at the wonderful stage of hating sitting still, which makes pictures oh so much fun!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Our oldest son has been a soccer kid since he was born, he's played spring and fall every year since he was old enough to play in a league. (4 I think).

This year though he decided he wanted to give football a try. I was excited for him, Mason is not usually adventurous. He doesn't like change at all, so we were absolutely thrilled that he was stepping out of his box.

He's doing well. His soccer skills have benefited him and he's not only a guard but a kicker. He really enjoys kicking and isn't to bad at it either.

To be honest, I think he will go back to soccer, but at least he tried at that is the biggest battle in this life sometimes isn't it?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Open Mic Night

Last weekend I was invited to check out Winamac's Open Mic Night, and take some pictures. I had heard people discuss Open Mic Night before, but was understandably skeptical. I have to admit that I couldn't have been more wrong.

The amount of true talent that night was amazing. We were only able to stay for about half of the performers due to having kids at home, but we can't wait to go back next month.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oregon Part 7

It's only taken me two months, but this is the final installment of my Oregon series.

This installment will be less formal. I'm sure you have all figured out that we had an absolute amazing time. It was so much fun to go exploring with my family. Our kids are still talking about it and I want to go back. Life is so much easier when you get to play instead of work.

I'll leave you with some other fun pictures I took while we were there. Enjoy.

This is one of my favorite taken on the entire trip, Mason and I were hanging out waiting for the sun to set. While we were waiting we started goofing off and ended up taking shadow pictures.

Not all the pictures you see here are my best work. Should it be, maybe, but these are also pictures of my life. I'm not always staging, and posing people. This is a perfect example of just that. Such a tender moment. A crappy picture, yes, but it means so so much to me.

These next two pictures are just some random shots I took.



Lucas Lodge also known as where Deliverance was filmed.

Harbor Seals

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oregon Part 6

Half way through our vacation we were given the gift of a two night stay at the Oregon Coast. Specifically we spent time in Gold Beach at the Gold Beach Inn.

The town we were staying was about 3 hours from Medford where we spent the majority of our vacation.

In an attempt to give honest reviews of the things we did and the places we stayed, I feel like I should start off by saying that Gold Beach Inn could use a bit of an update in decor. I'm fairly certain we had the same console TV in our house in 1988. In fact I'm pretty sure that was a replica of my childhood home. NOW as I saw this let me also say, the part of the inn where we stayed, which was a very nice sized HOUSE, was very clean, very comfortable, and very very reasonably priced. I would absolutely stay there again. Especially with the option to rent a house for a few nights as opposed to having to get 2 or more rooms. With a family of our size having options like that is really a blessing.

The hotel is ocean front, but there is about a 100 - 150 yard hike to get to the beach. It's not a difficult hike, it's just a small path you follow and voila your there!

Gold Beach seemed like a small town where everyone knew everyone. It was friendly, and slow paced, a good place to spend some time getting away.

Why Gold Beach instead of some other coastal town? Well from what I hear they have less foggy days and less rain than most of the other coastal town because of they way the town is situated on the land. That could be completely false, but this is what I was told while we were there.

The second day we were there we went to play on the beach, and noticed something lying in the sand. As we got closer we saw that it was a baby sea lion. There was a gentleman there that said he had already contacted animal control and that they were coming out to put up a sign instructing people not to touch the baby sea lion. I, being the non-coastal being that I am, was completely intrigued by being able to get so close to this beautiful animal, and not have it be in a zoo. So I sat and waited. Once animal control got there she explained that sea lions drop their young off on the beach and go out to fish, and then later on they come back to pick up their babies. UNLESS, however, someone touches the baby and then she will leave it abandoned.

I sat on the beach for 3 hours shoeing everyone away, but it didn't matter. I'm pretty sure that momma seal just picked the wrong spot to leave her baby, far over populated to keep him out of harms way. As of when we left he was still on the beach and I'm fairly certain was going to die. I actually went to the effort to look for a rescue but there is nothing. As sad as it sounds I was extremely upset and lost sleep over this little guy.

Here are some other shots of the coast. This was not directly in Gold Beach but very close and definitely on the way.

As I mentioned we drove down to the coast from Medford. Normally a 3 hour drive we managed to turn it in to closer to 6 hours by stopping at Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park in California. One way you take to the coast from Medford requires you to make a quick jog into California.

I'm sure by now I sound like a broken record but this is another MUST SEE! Our kids could have played there for days! What's so special? Nothing, ok well it's special but in a very "one with nature" kind of way. No glitz and glam, if that's your idea of vacation go to Vegas, Jedediah Smith Redwood was just quiet, with warm water to wade or swim in. The sunshine was beautiful. The trees enormous. It was a great place to stop and picnic, run off energy, and break up a trip. Mike and I both would like to go back and camp for a few days.

Oh and did I mention there is a gigantic rock to jump off of into a big pool of water. Yay that was fun!

Look at the size of these trees! They are GINORMOUS (yes that's a word).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oregon Part 5

Yesterday I left you at Crater Lake National Park, remember one of the 1000 places you should see before you die?

Today, let me tell you about some of the cool things to do on your way up there.

Most of you know that we have a daughter named Peyton. Imagine her excitement at getting to cross her very own bridge. If you don't have a daughter or son with the name Peyton then this really means nothing to you at all. I, however, wouldn't miss an opportunity to brag and show more pictures of our Peyton.

Let's talk food, frankly there isn't a whole lot up there. There are a couple restaurants in the park. The one in the lodge that overlooks Crater Lake is FANTASTIC. Expensive, but FANTASTIC! That being said, it's more adult food, and not (imho) very kid friendly.

On the way up however there is Beckie's Restaurant. This quaint little restaurant with seating for 30, at most, is packed every time I've been through the area. After sampling 2 slices of pie and having a fantastic lunch with our family there I understand why.

People come from all over JUST for the pie. Specifically the Huckleberry pie that is only available late August until they run out ... (I know I know but that's the way it works).

When we went for lunch they had a very accommodating kids menu at a reasonable price. I personally had the cheeseburger, and can I say, BEST CHEESEBURGER EVER. It was soooooohooohoooo good.

This place is a must stop, even if you only have the pie. I don't care if they tell you there will be a wait (and there likely will be even at off hours) to be seated, look around the area, and enjoy the wait. You will be rewarded.

A small drive, read 500 feet if that, up the road you'll run into the Upper Rogue Valley Gorge. Here you will find cascading waterfalls, chipmunks galore, a living stump, and a great deal of information about how the entire place was formed.

This stop is something that can be as long as you want to make it. You could spend hours here or a short 30 minutes depending on your schedule. Just be sure you go! I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't totally worth it.

And.. because I like this picture. Mike took over the toting and had Caide in the carrier.

Enjoy your trip TO Crater Lake as much as you enjoy Crater Lake itself. There is so much to do, you just sometimes have to look!