Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 26 of 365 Baking with the kids.

I thought Friday would be uneventful as I had seemed to come down with an ear infection. I took some silver colloidal and some Motrin, and by evening I was feeling better so we decided to go ahead and go over and bake with my friend Brandi. Originally I was going to take all of our kids over, but since I thought I wouldn't be going I let them go with their dad instead. Mason was spending the night with Layne though so he was there and of course we had Caide.


I should start here with saying, Mason likes to bake at home, but he was with a friend, and the only reason I think he decided to bake with us tonight was to impress a girl. Which to be honest I find adorable.

Brandi was less than impressed that I was snapping pictures. Well, not impressed that I was snapping pictures of her.

Later the girls wanted to play a prank on the boys, so I helped. I convinced the boys to let us wrap them up in saran wrap, for a "magic trick". Then the girls put make-up on them.

After that the boys decided to channel their inner feminism and let the girls dress them up and powder their noses, and cheeks, and chins, and shirts....

Finally I got them to all settle down for a minute and managed to snap some nicer pictures.