Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 92 Promo

I got a new stamp and decided to use my children to help me make a little promo picture.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I <3 Faces- Kids Week 3

It's another week over at I <3 Faces,

This weeks theme is "Joy".

I captured this photo of Peyton at a theme park last May.

I <3 Faces - Adults Week 3

It's another contest week over at I <3 Faces, and this weeks theme is "Joy".

Below is a picture of the first time my husband, Mike, held our son Caide. While he doesn't have a huge grin plastered on his face I assure you I couldn't possibly capture the amount of joy he was feeling right that very second.


Most of you know that Mike and I have an unusual obsession with aircraft. He likes the different types of planes, and I like the different airlines. I get a thrill out of seeing planes from other countries.

Yesterday on our way home from Wisconsin we found an awesome little spot where the planes flew RIGHT OVER OUR HEAD, into OHare. So we stopped and got some pictures, while playing "Name that Plane".

Day 90, Glenn's Girls

Saturday I borrowed more children to be my never-tiring subjects. I've been working endlessly trying to figure out just the right settings for low-light/indoor scenarios.

Tell me what you think...

Day 89

Just some random shots from the trip to Wisconsin.

My in-laws have the FATTEST squirrels known to man in their back yard. This is probably because my father-in-law always has food out for them, but wow they are porkers.

I took a walk down to the piers, obviously no one had made this journey in some time as my footprints were the only ones.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 88 - Larkin/Sobczak Kids

Tonight I went to a good friend of mines house to grab some pictures of her kids. We had fun. I still need to work on my settings for indoor/low light settings. I need to re-shoot but we did get a few good ones tonight. Isn't it great to have friends that help you follow your passion by offering up their children. *HA*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 87 Taking Some Time to put my Feet Up.

Day 86 Mason Thomas turns 10!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 85 of 365 Monday Jan 19th 2008

I <3 Faces Adults Week 2

It's another weeks contest over at I <3 Faces. This was a going away party for a fellow colleague of my husband's.

If you'd like to enter go here..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I <3 Faces- Kids Week 2

This is my submission for week 2 of I <3 Faces.

Be sure to check out other great faces @ (!!

Day 84 Things That Go Bump in the Night III

Are you sick of these pictures yet?

When I originally did this project there was a lot of noise in the picture of Caide. When I did the ones of the other kids along with Peyton's, Caide's also did not turn out. So I redid his today.

I got several that I like.

Day 83 Experiment Fail

I found a cool picture of a water drop reflecting a flower. I decided to embark on a mission to accomplish a photo like this one. My first attempts were unsuccessful.

I'll try again another day.

Until then I leave you with the failed picks.

I need your help!

It's another week and that means a new contest over at I <3 Faces.

This week I can only submit 1 photo, so I need all of you to help me choose.

Last week there were more than 150 applicants so I need to make a choice that is different. Something that will catch the eye of the judge. Also I need you to be brutal!!! If there is something wrong with a photo I need your HONEST opinion. I know that I rock, and I know you all love me, but time to forget that, and pretend like your the one judging.

I've selected some photos for you to pick from. Pick your favorite and tell me why you've chosen that one.

Day 82 My Friday.

The pictures pretty much sum it up.

Day 81/365 Things That Go Bump in the Night II

I did this the other night with Caide and got so many compliments on it I decided to do it with all the kids. I got good shots of everyone but Peyton, for some reason hers just did not turn out. So I'll add her later. Until then, check out the other 3.