Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 154 - Family Fun

While we were in Wisconsin this weekend, the entire family got together for my Father-in-laws birthday. Not very often do we really get to cut up, but this weekend everyone was in a great mood and up for a little partying.

Admittedly these pictures aren't the greatest, the flash really washed out many of these, thats why they are all black and white.

Thanks for letting loose with us Mom and Dad.

Kyrsten and Glenn goofing off, I kept trying to get a picture of the cute couple but they would have nothing to do with it. Instead I got this.

Mom got caught with the can of Whipped Cream...

So she tried to pretend she was giving it to the dogs...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 153 - Vintage Trains

I mentioned in my last post about the places photography has taken me, but did I mention how photography has made me "SEE?" Instead of walking through life missing out on the world around me, every where I go I think, "hmm how could I make that into a picture?"

This weekend we were on the road when suddenly I screamed, "HONEY!! STOP!! Go over there!"

What did I see but some vintage trains sitting out. Oh what an opportunity, not only do I love anything vintage, but something so unique.

So my loving husband turned the car around and I got out to claim my prize.

While I was shooting I saw a woman coming near me, so I almost sheepishly asked if it was ok that I was there taking pictures. She said, "OF COURSE, just be careful over here..." and pointed to a pile of pieced and parts.

A few minutes later her husband appeared and they both gave me some information about the cars that were there. I asked if it would be possible for me to go inside one to take some pictures, but the cars outside were locked. Instead he took me into a "garage" where some of their working cars were. It was pretty dark so getting good shots of the inside was a bit difficult but he was able to turn on a few lights so I could get some. (Click here to see the car I was in.)

The gentleman that helped me was a wealth of information, telling me everything from the history of the cars and the fact that they were indeed a working railroad, to how the trains work! I left so excited I can't WAIT to take our kids back on a ride this summer.

If you want to visit this train station too it is a great piece of history. The cars are all refurbished but kept "original".

Check out the website and if you are in the area go visit them. I can't wait until summer to go take a ride on history!

East Troy Electric Railroad

This brake gauge is still in working condition, whenever this car is in use.

Day 152 - Signs from Milwaukee

Photography has taken me to a lot of places, this week it took me to a ... rougher part of Milwaukee. You'd be amazed at all the photo opportunities!

This day I decided to focus on some signs that I thought were visually appealing.

Day 151 - Back to Wisconsin

One thing I love about my husband is his unconditional support. He often goes out of his way to learn more about my photography hobby, even more he is always thinking of some cool place to take me to take pictures.

This weekend was no different, he had told me before about the Milwaukee Art Museum, and this weekend he took me so that I could take my own pictures.

It really is a stunning piece of architecture/art.

Unfortunately, it was overcast and kind of gloomy but I still got decent pictures of both the museum and the shore.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Heart Faces - Pets and Kids

This week over at I Heart Faces, there is the usual kid category, but also another week of PETS!!

This week I am only going to participate in the "Pets" category.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 150 Happy Anniversary Mike

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. What a wonderful day.

This is a blog post I made the day after we got married.

5 days ...
Five days... 5 days can seem like a life time or so very short. You can waste 5 days doing nothing or you could spend 5 days deciding to get married, flying for the first time, landing in a state you have never been in, going to a road side stand in Tijuana and having tacos. In 5 days you could try mahi mahi, you could hold a crab in your hand and worry that it will pinch. You could see your first sea urchin, you could rent your first car, you could learn to speak very broken spanish. In 5 days you could stand on a beach in San Diego, barefoot at sunset holding the man of your dreams hands and saying I do. All without a care in the world, the smell of salt water in your nose. The feeling of having sandy grains under your feet all while waves crash against the rocks behind you.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Thursday night after a long discussion with my mother I realized that I just wanted to marry the man I love, the man also known as my best friend. It didn't matter when, where, or how I just wanted it to happen. Jokingly we talked about eloping, then suddenly light bulbs went off in our heads and we said... ya know that isn't such a bad idea. So Friday Mike frantically searched and called me with the news... we could pull it off, we were going to San Diego to get married.

Today was the day... March 26th at approx. 6:30pm I married Michael James Lyon. I am now Mrs. Lyon.

I could not be happier. He has made all my dreams come true and I am looking forward to a wonderful life with him.

Don't anyone be offended only 3 people knew we were coming here. Mikes parents dont even know. More later...

Thank you, Honey, for a WONDERFUL Anniversary, I love you more today than I did that day. You've forever changed my life for the better.

Isn't he the most handsome man ever? He hates when I take his picture but he's so darn photogenic.

The eyes... I still get lost in them every time I look at him.

Finally a cute picture, the kids wanted to make Mike and I brownies for our anniversary. I bit the bullet and let them do it all by themselves. They were... a very thoughtful gift. :)

Day 149 More Spring Break

I took these at my Mom's house the kids love playing over there. We went over originally to help pick up sticks, but then spent a little extra time being kids.

Someone PLEASE make him stop growing. This past week I've just felt like his "babiness" is so close to being over, and it's making my heart ache. He'll be 10 months old in just over a week. *sigh* Where has 10 months gone??

Mason doing what boys do, climbing trees.

My Mom's dog Cayman, the kids love to go over and play with him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

148/365 - Day at the Beach

I had grand plans to take my kids to a picnic lunch at the beach. I knew the water would be too cold, but I thought we could check out the lighthouse, and play in the sand.

Well you know the saying about good intentions....

The forecast said it would be breezy... when they say "breezy" I assume it means a slight breeze blowing every once in a while, not 50 MPH gusting winds. 50 MPH plus sand equals ouch. The kids were great and sucked it up. They were happy to play and fend off the sand in their eyes.

Finally I was the party pooper and after an hour and a half I decided I had had enough. So we left, but I did get a few pictures.

The Lighthouse!

Now the kids... This first one is my favorite from the day.