Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DAY 65!! Only 300 to go.

I organized my pantry today. Is that boring to my readers... probably, but I am ecstatic!

64/365 Random

63/365 Ice

Ice chunks on the Tippy.

62/365 Saturday December 27th.

I wonder if Tesla had won out over Edison, if this picture would have ever been possible.

Day 61 of 365 More of On the Road Series

From the day after Christmas. We went looking for "deals". We didn't find any, but it started to rain and I got some neat pictures.

Taken through the front of our rainy windshield.

If you would have told me 6 months ago I'd pay this for gas I would have laughed at you.

60/365 2nd part of Christmas Day post.

More pictures from our drive home Christmas Day.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

59/365 Sick Day

Christmas Eve came and went with Mike, Peyton and I all in bed. We all ended up with a bout of flu.

Needless to say I didn't take any pictures that day. So my Christmas day post will be a two day post. You'd think that my Christmas day post would be full of present opening, but no. I accidentally deleted those pictures so all I have from that day is our drive home from Wisconsin.

So here we have another part of the On the Road Series.
Not all of these are taken out the window obviously but they are taken in the car and we are moving.

I almost never let the kids have soda, let alone any with caffeine in it. So he thinks he's really getting away with something here.

Day 58/365 A forgotten Day

I got a head of myself and this is being posted out of order.

These are from the hotel with the water park. Here we were playing family bingo. The prizes ranged from small hotel schwag, to arcade tokens.

We were the only one's playing and ended up getting $80 dollars in free arcade tokens!!!

57/365 The Elvers

Meet the Elvers's!!

While we were in Wisconsin we went to visit Mike and I's friends Matt, Terri, and their 5 kids! I love going over there, every time we are there Terri and I pick up like we've known each other forever. Our kids play exceptionally well together, and it's the one place I go with our tribe and don't feel like we are driving our guests insane with the masses of our family.

Matt and Mike met years ago when they worked together, Terri and I met when Mike and I got together but they've really been an amazing addition to my life especially. From similar parenting styles, to personalities it's just a great fit.

I had planned on taking more pictures than this, but was so caught up in just "catching up" that I only snapped a few. I did however get to snap their Christmas family picture. I was honored to be asked to do so.

Matt and his youngest Andrew.

The whole family. Left to Right : Caitlin, John, Matt, Andrew, Terri, Julia, Kristin, and Max the Dog!!

56/365 Christmas in Wisconsin

The title pretty much sums it up. We had a lovely mini-vacation in Wisconsin right before Christmas. As I wrote about it the previous post, the kids present was suppose to be the water park but Grandma and Grandpa got them a few other tchotchkes.

Kendyl is obsessed with "lipstick". Next year i'm buying a gross of chapsticks for her.

Glenn and Kyrsten, this is the extent of his enthusiasm that day. I should have liquored him up first.

55/365 Waterpark

For Christmas my mother and father in law treated our family to an overnight and admission to an indoor water park. It was the best gift and I fully intend on asking them to do that in lieu of gifts every year. The kids had a BLAST.

We went to Timber Ridge at Grand Geneva, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The water park was perfect for the age range of my kids. There was even a johnny jump up in the water for Caide!! On top of the amazing water park there was also planned activities that you could do with your kids in the other parts of the hotel. (MOST were FREE!!!) They had family bingo, decorate a sugar cookie, movie night, etc.

If your in the area I highly recommend it. The lifeguards were really on watch. Every time I turned around there was a guard watching. I never worried that I had to be on constant vigil because I trusted that the guards were watching that closely.

The room rates were very reasonable, the hotel staff was EXTREMELY accommodating. I would go back in a second.

54/365 Pets/birds

These were taken the first day at my in-laws house. My father-in-law feeds the birds and squirrels so they have some of the most beautiful birds, and fattest squirrels in their yard.

I swear he has a smirk on his face here..

Moses eating snow.

53/365 New On the Road Series

After spending several hours on the road I decided to start taking pictures.

Especially on our treks to and from Wisconsin I am always seeing all kinds of shenanigans that I think, I should snap a picture of that.

So I've decided to start a new series entitled so appropriately the "On the Road" series. These pictures will all be taken while driving down the road from inside the car. Not the optimal conditions for shooting, but it has proven fun.

*In case your worried I am NOT the driver.*

Enjoy the first batch of the series. These were all taken going between 65-75 mph on 294 through Illinois.

This plane was on approach for a landing as we passed ORD. My husband is much better at the "name the plane" game but it looks like a Delta MD 80. I'm sure he will correct me on this later.

*Edit! He did indeed correct me, it's a United CRJ. Isn't my face red.

Southbound traffic, I was very thankful that we were in the Northbound.

52/365 Making Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle is actually very easy to make just time consuming. You have to be patient enough to get it to the hard crack stage. Here are a couple pictures, one of the cooking process, and one of it having just been poured out.