Tuesday, December 30, 2008

53/365 New On the Road Series

After spending several hours on the road I decided to start taking pictures.

Especially on our treks to and from Wisconsin I am always seeing all kinds of shenanigans that I think, I should snap a picture of that.

So I've decided to start a new series entitled so appropriately the "On the Road" series. These pictures will all be taken while driving down the road from inside the car. Not the optimal conditions for shooting, but it has proven fun.

*In case your worried I am NOT the driver.*

Enjoy the first batch of the series. These were all taken going between 65-75 mph on 294 through Illinois.

This plane was on approach for a landing as we passed ORD. My husband is much better at the "name the plane" game but it looks like a Delta MD 80. I'm sure he will correct me on this later.

*Edit! He did indeed correct me, it's a United CRJ. Isn't my face red.

Southbound traffic, I was very thankful that we were in the Northbound.


Michael Lyon said...

BZZZZZZ. United Express/AWAC CRJ-200