Tuesday, December 30, 2008

57/365 The Elvers

Meet the Elvers's!!

While we were in Wisconsin we went to visit Mike and I's friends Matt, Terri, and their 5 kids! I love going over there, every time we are there Terri and I pick up like we've known each other forever. Our kids play exceptionally well together, and it's the one place I go with our tribe and don't feel like we are driving our guests insane with the masses of our family.

Matt and Mike met years ago when they worked together, Terri and I met when Mike and I got together but they've really been an amazing addition to my life especially. From similar parenting styles, to personalities it's just a great fit.

I had planned on taking more pictures than this, but was so caught up in just "catching up" that I only snapped a few. I did however get to snap their Christmas family picture. I was honored to be asked to do so.

Matt and his youngest Andrew.

The whole family. Left to Right : Caitlin, John, Matt, Andrew, Terri, Julia, Kristin, and Max the Dog!!