Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 44/365 Tuesday December 9, 2008

Tonight was Kendyl's preschool Christmas program. Since all the kids were clean I decided to grab our Christmas card picture.

Considering I had 5 squirrelly kids and approximately 7 minutes before her program started, I must say I am pleased.

There are a few other candids from the program also.

Kendyl's teacher, Mrs. Price. Truly a lovely teacher.

She was sitting right in front of us. Is she not the most adorable child ever? (Besides mine of course). Her mom and I were fairly close friends in grade school. I remember taking her to Indiana Beach with me as a kid. She is a very genuinely sweet woman,. This is one of her three adorable kids. I tried to snag a picture of her son but didn't grab a good one.


Jennifer and Steve said...

Beautiful photos of your kids. :) It's completely understandable you did not make it to the artisan sale - what with the distance and snow all day! I am sure another time will present itself. Hope you have a great night. Jennifer