Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 80/365 Winter

Winter is upon upon us. It's been here for weeks but only in forms of cold and ice, until today. WE GOT SNOW!!!

Some pictures from the blustery outdoors today.


Casey said...

I love ice! haven't had of them here yet, it's always so pretty to look at

Cline Family said...

Hi there,

You left a comment on @foldinglaundry about increasing traffic, which I also would love to do, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello! Great pictures, BTW!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love the icicles! It's quite cold here. It was -19 this morning!


Chris said...

So is that what it looks like outside? I've been afraid to step foot out the door since we hit the negative numbers. When we got to -35 wind chill last night, I had a very real conversation with myself about moving to Arizona.

Beautiful pictures!!

*Lissa* said...


Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on That's my thoughts too.

Love the ice pictures!! I think ice is pretty too. The way it glistens in the sun. It creates beauty in an otherwise dead winter world.