Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 161 My Assignment

As I've written before I'm taking some classes to improve my photography skills.

Here are my assignment photo's from this week. The subject this week was "panning-implying motion". This is actually far more difficult that one would think.

*My instructors review of the above shot.. LOVE this! Merry go rounds are a dying breed- they just aren't around as much as they used to be. I love this and know how you were feeling- been there for sure! LOL! This is really nice and a perfect picture!


The other topic was "freezing action" which was MUCH easier.


Boybarian Dad said...

I love the swinging shot, with the perspective with the bottom of the shoes, how great.

B Dad

Boybarian Dad said...

Great shots. I really like the second one with the cool perspective of the bottom of the shoes. Very cool.

B Dad