Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day at the State Park 21/365

For today's project we decided to go to the Tippecanoe State Park and find some wildlife. We are so fortunate to have such a nice park just a stones throw from our home. As a bonus, now that it's fall it's FREE!!

The wildlife was very scarce. I did see two of the BIGGEST SQUIRRELS I have ever seen. Let's just say they will have NO PROBLEM making it through winter. Unfortunately, we passed them and had to back up, by the time we got back they had run off. I was so disappointed.

Nonetheless, I did get some good shots.

This plane was out at out "airport" on our way home. I just liked the shot.


Erin said...

Amazing shots, especially the one of the road.

Run Mommy said...

Hey there. I tried to follow both the photography and the running site (I do both!). Plus I am a mom too so I enjoy reading how moms fit it all in. I had a hard time getting to the running blog though?? GREAT pictures! I look forward to seeing some more and reading about your training!