Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday November 15th Day 20/365

Tonight Mike and I went out to get gas and hit the hardware store for some window film to keep in the heat. While we were out we grabbed a bite to eat.

I also took my camera, and played around with shutter speeds some more. I came out with some fun pictures.

We got gas for $1.79!! Can you believe a month ago that it was over $4.00 bucks.

Back when I was a kid, (wow that makes me sound old) when I would apply for a job, even if it were fast food, my mom always made me dress up. I took a snapshot of this kid applying for a job...


Erin said...

My mom made me dress up, too! I remember going to apply for a job at Subway, and she yelled at me for having on jeans.