Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 70 Game Day

Game Day, Vikings vs Eagles. A balmy -5 with wind chill more like -20.

Outside the stadium is pure electricity flowing through purple veins, just as it usually is. The sidewalks are packed, the Hiawatha is crammed full of people as tight as sardines in a can. Everywhere you turn you see purple and gold, and unfortunately the occasional green speck. We'll call them "the others".

As we approach the lines we separate into our respective boy/girl lines for the pat down that allows us access to Viking's Mania.

We get blown into the stadium, (a true vikings fan will understand what it means to get blown in and out of the stadium). People are everywhere, beer lines are long, security is thick, it's GAME time folks.

Enjoy, we did, even with the loss.

Pre-game at the hotel.

Dressed for his first game.

Ragnar... Superintendent by day, Viking by night.

Not an empty seat in the house.

I really like this domino effect picture. I think it shows the true effort of an entire team.

Only my child could fall fast asleep in the loudest stadium in the NFL.

Self-Portrait with Mike

Post game drinks and food at Lyon's!