Tuesday, March 24, 2009

148/365 - Day at the Beach

I had grand plans to take my kids to a picnic lunch at the beach. I knew the water would be too cold, but I thought we could check out the lighthouse, and play in the sand.

Well you know the saying about good intentions....

The forecast said it would be breezy... when they say "breezy" I assume it means a slight breeze blowing every once in a while, not 50 MPH gusting winds. 50 MPH plus sand equals ouch. The kids were great and sucked it up. They were happy to play and fend off the sand in their eyes.

Finally I was the party pooper and after an hour and a half I decided I had had enough. So we left, but I did get a few pictures.

The Lighthouse!

Now the kids... This first one is my favorite from the day.


LauraPBS said...

Great pictures - I love how the lighthouse gives you such a cool background for your adorable kids! Way to go getting your camera out there in the wind and sand - I was in the same boat in Florida last week. These are great shots!


*Lissa* said...

Beautiful photos!!!! Love them all!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome, keep them coming.

The kids seemed like they were having a blast and the lighthouse, well what can you say, lighthouses would be so much fun to photograph. The couple of images of this one are awesome.

B Dad