Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 123 - Moon and Venus

I did not have my tripod with me this weekend. Soon I'll learn to have all my gear with me no matter where I go.

What did I miss?

My Father-in-law came in and told me that Venus was visible and right next to the moon. So I went out to "shoot the moon (and venus)".

What I learned... When your shooting a full moon you treat it as a bright object and therefore use a fast shutter speed. However, when shooting a moon sliver it significantly reduces the need for fast shutter speed. Infact, I had to slow my shutter speed WAY down, the correct exposure was probably around 2 seconds. I however had no tripod and my makeshift tripod was not working how I'd have liked so, I had to bump up my shutter speed to 1/6, which meant I did not get the shot I wanted but I still wanted to share Venus with those of you who like me had no idea you could see Venus!