Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Little Dare Devil

Recently our youngest Caide discovered that he could climb the stairs. He'd scoot up there as fast as a bullet train. Laughing the entire way up.

We have a spiral staircase and finding a gate for it, has proven difficult. Instead we've found that our computer chair fits perfectly and keeps him at bay.

Unless of course his mother moves said chair because she is planning to put him down for a nap, and he sees a second of opportunity, to which he of course takes advantage of.

Needless to say as I see him half way up he catches a glimpse of me, catching him in the act. Being that he is nothing but ornery, he starts to giggle in defiant delight and falls.

I didn't make it in time, I manged to scoop him up within seconds but the damage was done. Our smallest one had broken both bones in his forearm.

He is so so pitiful looking and I hate to say this but dang if he isn't just the cutest thing in his cast.

Taken with a cell phone at the hospital.

Right before they casted him, as you can you'd never know he had a broken arm, look at that grin!

Right after they have him his temporary cast.

These were taken today, he got his permanent cast and after such a busy morning conked out on the couch.